Feb 28, 2005

Beep, Beep!

wasn't feeling too hot at work on friday, so i left at noon
to go home. after parking in my driveway, i walked down
3 houses to check the mail. coming back, across the street
i noticed something on my neighbor's driveway which i've
never seen before, and it took me a few seconds to figure
out what in the world it was...it was a road runner!

it was big. bigger than i'd thought they were (no, not as big
as the cartoon) so i followed it parallel down the road, and
it crossed over and ran right through my yard. i rounded my
house to find it in the backyard. it then sprinted across the
street, behind the other row of houses into the field. very
fast, and fun to see.

i've done a bit of reading the last couple days: they are 20-
24 inches long, can run between 15 and 20 mph and only
fly when going downhill or to escape danger (as they can
only fly a short distance). for food, they attack and kill large
insects, lizards, smaller birds, and rattlesnakes with their
lightning fast reactions.

(image used from this site: www.prbo.org)

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