Feb 11, 2005

iPod aquisition

okay, so perhaps it is a bandwagon purchase, but this 20gB iPod is simply mind-blowing! i've always owned Apple computers and can really only surf the web comfortably on a PC (trying any more on a PC results in an uneasy, sick feeling in my bowels). i grabbed the costco deal for 279.00 and walked out with a smile on my face. it was the HP version that said 'for windows'... come on, i'm smarter than that. i got home, plugged it into the powerbook, selected manual file transfer, and off it went. i'm still grinning from ear to ear, this thing is great!

i've emptied my home computer and work computer mp3 contents onto it (ca. 600 songs) and have barely hit the 2.0 gB used level. it will take some work digging up my old (select) cds and ripping them all to the powerbook.

being a designer / photographer by trade, i deal with huge graphic files on a daily basis, often transporting files between work and home. in the past, i've tried to only burn CDRs for transport when necessary. often the 128 mB flash drive isn't big enough and i've been known to really blow through plenty of the 'disposable' CDRs instead... but not anymore. this fancy 20 gB gem has already taken over the position of file-transporter for me. and with the fire-wire i spend merely a fraction of the time copying the files and toting them away.

i scored a great, newly-released case for it, which is equally fabulous. as soon as i find a link to these cases i'll add it here as no iPod owner should miss this line of uber spectacular iPod cases and bags. stay tuned.

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