Jan 22, 2006

MacWorld 2006 in SanFrancisco

i own an iPod. i discussed my aquisition on this site last february, over eleven months ago! now the mono-toned, blue-screened 'old clunker' looks as outdated as the gen.1 iPod did to me last spring as a friend produced it one evening at a gathering. while my '4th.Gen' iPod is technically only one step back from the new video-enriched iPod ('5th.Gen') it came to me well before the sweeping upgrade to color screens on all 4.Gen models. nonetheless, i still honor my 20gb gem as much as i did during our first few days together. we use it and abuse it. my wife runs with it at least 4 times a week and it accompanies me to work almost daily. my flash drive and cd-r spindle have resented it since day one as i now seamlessly tote multi-gig files back and forth from work with no time wasted through the fire-wire. so far our 1,000+ songs are enough to keep us all happy whether travelling or hanging out at home.
who needs video? who needs color screens? well, according to apple's Q4-2005, many do, and i met many of them at the MacWorld expo last week in san francisco. what a treat for me to be there and take in the culture and flavor of an all-mac crowd. our booth was hoppin' and it was indeed nice to see all of the video iPod-packing-characters stopping in to buy a case or to just compliment our company on the great iPod cases that we've been developing. i was honestly quite surprised to see so few nano owners compared to the high numbers of iPod videos. i'm assuming the more sophisticated, die-hard mac owners represented the bulk of expo visitors who are perhaps more apt to purchase the higher-end, more capable devices. Not trying to make any blanket assumptions here, but i'd guess nano owners are mainly younger people who just want a small, cool mp3 player and don't necessarily frequent large apple tradeshows. Click below on the image to further check out our line of CHUMS e:personal cases:


Runningbean said...

I would have to agree with you on the "who needs video" comment. i don't got it yet, but some day, when my current 4 Gen 20gb and mini iPods are outdated purely from size i will then have the added benefit of video. Yes I have seen friend's new TV shows on their iPods, they look slick, very high def (for a 2X2 screen it should be) but for me TV/video watching takes a far back seat to my college courses and part-time job. Television in its many forms is has become a tedious activity; my communications classes have turned me off to many forms of mass-commercial driven-sensational-unrealistic forms of communication. Music is my only release

MuleTrain said...

I was looking at the Chums Web site and I particularly liked the magnetic ID holder, with the picture of one "Leonard Hughes." Great picture!