Feb 20, 2006

V-Day Present (V=Vanilla)

I walked in my front door after work on Valentines Day to see a present from my wife sitting on the dining table with a pretty ribbon around it. Five 2-litres of Vanilla Coke! Wow! Can you believe that, especially after all the recent chatter and reports on this blog about the sweet nectar being discontinued by the Coca-Cola Company? I had found a 2nd store that very day with a few bottles still on the shelves, but my wife stumbled upon these 5 bottles at our local grocery store to take the cake. This will be my last post on the beverage, as I now feel it is no longer necessary to look for it in every store that I pass. I'll savor these last five 2-litres and then simply part ways with dignity and respect. Plus, it hasn't been ruled out by the company to bring Vanilla Coke back someday, so when they do, count on seeing me in line at a nearby store with a 20 oz. in-hand.

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