Feb 14, 2006

Vanilla Coke 2-Liter on eBay!

check out this ebay auction! (click image) i don't think this can be legit. i'd be interested to ask the seller and/or buyer if this was for real, because in browsing the other vanilla coke products which are currently for sale on ebay, there appears to be no where near this kind of demad yet for the recently discontinued coca-cola product. with a winning bid of $192 and shipping over $11.00 this means that some fool forked out over $200.00 for a jug of cola. i know there are plenty of collectors out there and a few addicts who perhaps are browsing eBay for a last, rare 12-pack of the beverage, but i do feel that the amount in this auction is a bit suspicious. Here are a couple other links of interest related to this topic: Link#1 and Link#2 (save the v.coke petition)

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