Apr 7, 2006

Eagle Eye View: Live Nest Cam!

^ CLICK ON IMAGE ABOVE TO GO TO CAM. ^ Here is a screen capture I grabbed from viewing the cam. They are saying nearly 2 million people go there a day to see what is going on in the nest. If you really want to see the live web cam you may have to be a bit patient to get through the quick advertisement and to secure a stream through the heavy traffic, but it is possible and I've been able to see it a while even with the crappy DSL here at work. I just think this kind of thing is great and I'll be checking back on and off hoping to see the family. The eggs aren't hatched yet, but would love to see the babies fresh out when the time comes. Wonder how old the eggs are, I'm sure there is a complete explanation to the project in the Forum threads there linked on the page... Stay tuned!

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