Oct 9, 2006

Line Rider (beta Flash toy)

Are you kidding me!!! Insanely addicting and fun in its purest form:

This flash game (or 'toy' as the artist, FSK, calls it) is on DeviantART and is quite challenging to make the little guy stay on his sled. His scarf and body actions are so real to life as he rushes down your created incline to his demise... Take a look at this (Wicked Action) in this olympic-scaled course that some nut job created and added to YouTube. Amazing! (did you hear that google is lined up to acquire YouTube? Anyway, go take the man on his sled, down the snow slopes. The artist said that we are 'beta testers' when we play and he is considering an 'undo' option since an eraser tool seems hard... Very nice work, FSK! 26.October, I just discovered this site with Line Rider NOW WITH UNDO FUNCTION!!! Uh oh, now I'm really in trouble...

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