Jan 21, 2007

Review: Batman Begins

Solid, complete film. Left me with no wanting. Best 'superhero' film I've ever seen, better than any of the recent 'Spiderman' films. This film makes the whole 'superhero concept' believable or convincing, whereas many others are so ridiculous or far fetched that there is little connection to reality, (yes, i realize that comic book stuff is all fantasy anyways). I kept fearing that the film would end with a hack-job ending far sooner than I wanted but 2:20 of time was sufficient to allow for a complete story.
Great cast, Bale is a more convincing hero that, say, Clooney! (haha) Great cast from top to bottom with Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Rutger Hauer, Michael Caine and of course Christian Bale. Looks like a new film is in the works for 2008 called 'The Dark Knight' with Heath Ledger cast as the The Joker... hmmm, guess we'll have to see. At least there will be no 'kat' in there from the tomkat combo!

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