Aug 24, 2007

Worst Logo of all time: Logitech

Have you ever seen a more terrible logo than the Logitech logo above? What in the world is that supposed to be? I'd love for somebody to explain. Can anybody suggest a current logo out there that is possibly worse? I'd rather not display the Logitech logo on my blog, but I honestly think it was a practical joke on the company by the designer who rendered it. Ouch! It isn't like this company is some small obscure company that can't afford a good designer, but this is a huge company. I'm sure almost anybody reading this has some Logitech device, be it a mouse, web cam, speakers or keyboard.

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1 comment:

FunnyManDan said...

As my best guess (I have absolutely nothing to base this from, but it seems LOGIcal) The green blob is a gel wrist rest, the two black loops represent a mouse, the three small thick lines represent click-able objects, and the one that is red is currently being clicked (as it appears the mouse from the black loops is pointing toward it).
But I agree, terrible design.