Sep 9, 2008

Utah Moose

In the past 13 months we've been seeing MANY moose around the nearby hills and canyons. I've actually averaged about one a week during this span. Most of them on the hillsides above the freeway during the winter as they are easier to find with a blanket of white. Of course I can't capture all of them with the camera, but I like to try when possible. Here are a few of the ones my wife and I have captured however:

My wife caught this bull moose and his buddy at the pond by the cabin (below, August 2007):

Here they both are together in the same shot (below, August 2007):

This smaller bull moose snuck up behind me by the garden, came out of the trees behind me when my back was turned with a hose watering the tree. About 20 yards and there he was—I didn't here a sound. (below, July 2008):

This big sucker rumbled through the trees about noon behind the cabin and didn't care that I was there, or the log cutters were there to see him eating (below, early September 2008):

The only cow moose I've had a chance to snap, saw her last friday afternoon about 30 feet off the road wallowing in the pond (below, early September 2008):

Saw this young bull in the road, but he left quickly as we drove up, he wanted nothing to do with us. My brother jumped out and was able to get a few decent shots. (below, Late September 2008):

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