May 12, 2010

FREE Giveaway—ALITE Designs Monarch Camp Chair

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The ALITE Designs Monarch Chair revolutionizes the foldable chair industry, and it is up now for FREE Giveaway. ALITE’s basic company tenets are: “We’re a design-driven, urban-outdoor company dedicated to the idea that everyone should be playing outside together. Defined by innovation, bold colors and a sense of humor, we thrive on creating products that make it simple and fun to connect with friends and the outdoors.” One look at their website and it’s quickly apparent they take their product design seriously. Each product is designed to be functional, bold and stylish. It’s also quickly evident that they have a good sense of humor and enjoy having a good time with their “friends and the outdoors”—qualities that are valuable for any outdoor company to posses. Click the image to find out the easy ways to enter the giveaway:

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