Oct 18, 2010

Turn Your 6G iPod® Nano into a Watch with "The Band"

Using the new iPod Nano as a watch seems to be more and more the craze these days, and using the 8GB version it isn't actually too bad of a price for a nice watch... If only it had a GPS—

Even during the keynote when the newest iPod Nano was introduced, Steve Jobs mentioned one of the Apple execs intended to adapt it as a watch.

There is no shortage of watchband options out there, but one of the coolest I've seen is this one, using a classic 3/4" 'The Band' from Chums. This replacement watchband has been a fan favorite for decades among sports/outdoor enthusiasts.

The 20mm (standard) size is the perfect width in my tests to securely clip on the iPod Nano. And with hemp, standard or wide band options in 20mm size, everybody should be able to find one that suits them well.

$6.99 is also a steal in comparison to many of the other iPod® Nano watchband options and The Band has been around since the 1980's, improved and perfected as the world's best replacement action sports watchband option.

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