Oct 6, 2010

TOMY: Mad Masher - Monster Machine

Shown are two recent shots of my TOMY Mad Masher - Monster Machine. I scored this unit for Christmas in 1986. Played with it indoors, on and off for a few years. I drove it up and down stairs and over the top of my younger siblings as they lay on the floor. One of my nephews abused it back when I was in high school (I think that is when the one smoke stack went missing) so I took it from the 'toy pool' and secured it away in a box. I pulled it out a few years ago when my oldest son was a few years old. He was amazed and loved to play with it together with his younger brother. The boys still want me to get it down from time to time, but it rarely gets touched. Still one of the all-time coolest motorized truck gems from the 80's—ranking right up there with my old Stompers and of course 'The Animal' and 'Water Demon'.

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