Sep 5, 2007

"Best iPods ever"

According to Apple, the best iPods ever were announced today. In a quick review of the website I'd have to say that there are indeed some pretty great updates to nearly the entire line. The only apparent changes to the iPod shuffle is the new four "color remix" options. I do not like the new colors. I liked the blue and orange from the last round of colors. I could do the standard gray, however.

There are some very new updates to the iPod nano. Shorter, wider, brighter screens and of course, now video enabled. Again, I do not like the new colors. Exactly how much video content do you think you can pack around in addition to your MP3 files on a 4GB and 8GB device? Not much.

iPod classic replaces what was known as the 'video iPod' from last generation. It is sleeker, all metal and now boasts a 160GB option! Pretty cool. I however will not be replacing my black iPod video 30GB anytime soon. 18 months so far and going very strong!

The newest iPod to the family is the iPod touch. Pretty cool concept. I actually like this idea better than the iPhone because I wouldn't have to sever my current cellular contract and pay for an AT&T contract. Wi-Fi enabled and the 3.5" wide video screen, but only 8GB or 16GB in storage capacity!? That is a joke. And $399 for the 16GB model! This coming the same day that the iPhone was reduced to $399, why would you not get the iPhone? And how stupid do all the people now feel who ran out and paid $599 for the iPhone when they were released. Show some patience people, wait a while and you can save some greenbacks.

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